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Hello and Welcome!
to the place of
useful recipes for
all the awesome
people who are
 learning the skills
to solve their own
problems instead
of having to hope
someone else can.

Hope this site helps
 you strengthen your
 resolve and your
ability to begin
creating affordable
new solutions that
work best for you!!

Henry the Great Blue Heron, Professor Green Witch and all their adventure loving friends.
"We are so excited you could join us!
Best wishes on your journey around the site, we hope you catch all the clues .... 

Just be aware that there may be more than one recipe on this site.  Because, the hidden clues might work for more than one purpose. 

Remember, if you plan on doing something important, you have to build the skills and emotional strength to handle unkind people
who don't want you to succeed. 

That's why the site is always changing. It's important to
stay one step ahead of
people who aren't nice.
(Ha Ha on the not nice!)


Because all 
that any bird
 big or small, boy or girl -
 has to do is try ..... 

for out there in the big, wide world
 is a "destiny" already calling your name.

HOORAH! for you. 
You have a destiny -
 everyone has a destiny.

The tricky part is figuring out
what it is going to be .....


Welcome to the place
where every "bird"
can be a helper
and find something 
important to do.

Just, think it through ...
It's all up to you!
And, all you really have
to do is get ready! 
If you practice
learning something
important every
day you will be
ready for lots of
amazing adventures. 

And, here is
a bit of wisdom. 
Not everyone cares
about the future or
helping, focus on the
ones that do. 



How are knowledge, experience and people like icebergs?

Please remember, the world has changed so many of us have gone to the real world where we are working hard to be our own super heroes and make our futures better.  The good part is that making the future better doesn't need a lot of money for anyone who practices growing their brain.  Have fun growing your brain!!!


Henry's Helpers
A hero is usually only as good as his or her helpers. Wise seekers pick whom they follow very carefully. It is pretty important to learn the skills that will help you choose wisely and avoid the people who didn't.